Friday, April 20, 2012

Boys Best Friend

Renny is playing outside with his/our beloved dog Doofenshmirtz (AKA Doofy... she has a real name in real life but we still do call her doofy). Doofy is pretty big compared to Renny. She is a black lab/collie mix we got from the Humane Society last year. She is a total sweetheart (minus dragging everything she finds into our front yard).

Renny comes walking up to me with tears in his eyes and his feelings hurt:

R: Mommy, Doofy heeeet. heeeeet!

AKA: Doofenshmirtz hit him.

Doofy "hits" him when she walks by him and he gets knocked down. This was the first time it happend and it really broke his heart, almost as if she did it on purpose.

I heart him!


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