Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Thirsty

Oliver: Mommy, I need some juice. I'm soooooo thirsty.

Me: You do? Ok.

Oliver: And I need a hug.

(climbs on the couch with me and snuggles with me)

Me: Aw ok I love hugs from you.

Oliver: Because you're sooo cute!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Past Your Bedtime

The boys were climbing all over me fighting their sleep as it was well past their bedtime.

Me: All right boys that's enough you both are going to bed.

Oliver: Well thank you! I was so tired.

Well ok! I wish I would have known!

Maybe he will be a surgeon or something...

While putting Renny to sleep, Oliver played with his trucks. The t.v. was on and I didn't pay attention to what was on when I left the room.

Oliver: Hey Mommy guess what?!

Me: What?

Oliver: Did you know a guys head came off on that show you were watching?

Me: What?! Oliver you can't watch that, that's too scary for you.

(turning the channel... by the way it was CSI NY).

Oliver: No don't change it I don't care that his head came off!

Yikes... can't protect them from seeing everything but dang why'd it have to be that?


Name this tune...

I was laying down with Renny putting him to bed.  After about 5 minutes of quietness he starts to sing this song for the first time.

Renny: Boo Brush (school bus, tooth brush or hair brush)... round around.... town.

Let me translate... "the wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town".

*sigh* love

Sweet Child O'Mine

I was laying Renny down for a nap. We were looking at eachother nose to nose:

Renny: Hi Mommy.

Me: Hi Honey.

Renny: I wuh do (I love you).

Me: I love you too sweetheart.

Renny: I wuh do... mo mo mo. (more more more).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here Comes Who?

I called out to Oliver in the family room and didn't receive an answer so I walked over to him.

Me: Oliver, did you hear me?

Oliver: (glances up from playing) Here comes trouble!

Smell my hand.

I hear this conversation from outside the bedroom door.

Oliver: Hey Renny smell my hand...

Renny: (assuming he did) mmmmm.

Oliver: It's not mmmmmm. Smell it again.

Renny: mmm mmm mmm.

Oliver: No, because it's not mmmmm so maybe try using your nose.

** I didn't ask.**

Monday, April 23, 2012

You know that special someone?

You know that someone who makes you feel completely comfortable and secure? That someone who completes you or you cannot live without?

Meet Money (translates to monkey).

Renny and Oliver both got these guys for Easter this past year.

Oliver likes his lion but Renny really loves Money (like a security blanket). The problem with Money is he is a little big to snuggle with in comparision to a 19 month old, plus his head is not that squishy.

Almost every night Renny will vent his frustration with Money. He loves Money and hugs Money but then gets frustrated because Money's awkward. Then he throws him.


Money will be laying in the bed against the wall and Renny will decide he wants to snuggle with him again.


The same saga repeats itself about 3 times when finally he is comforted in knowing Money is an arm's reach away. He's close but not too close.

Maybe when he's older Money will be easier to cuddle with. Until then it will be a passive aggressive fight every night til he's 30.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brotherly Love

Oliver and Renny are getting ready to go to sleep. I am walking up the steps with Renny.

Me: Renny tell Oliver night night.

Renny: night night Oliver, I wuh do.

Oliver: night Renny, I love you too.

Renny: I wuh do mo mo mo (I love you more more more).


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Boys Best Friend

Renny is playing outside with his/our beloved dog Doofenshmirtz (AKA Doofy... she has a real name in real life but we still do call her doofy). Doofy is pretty big compared to Renny. She is a black lab/collie mix we got from the Humane Society last year. She is a total sweetheart (minus dragging everything she finds into our front yard).

Renny comes walking up to me with tears in his eyes and his feelings hurt:

R: Mommy, Doofy heeeet. heeeeet!

AKA: Doofenshmirtz hit him.

Doofy "hits" him when she walks by him and he gets knocked down. This was the first time it happend and it really broke his heart, almost as if she did it on purpose.

I heart him!


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time Out

Renny is in the correcting stage and he is just starting to learn his place in the time out chair (which, by the way, he seems to care less about).

As I'm holding his squirmy body in place on the sponge bob papasan chair he looks at me and says:

oh tay, all done. I wah do (I love you).

How can he stay another second in time-out now? **love**

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Oliver has AWANAS at our church every Wednesday night...

He is standing in the hallway with his hand in his pants.

Alyssa (teacher): Oliver, do you have to use the potty?

Oliver: No, I'm just standing here holding my worm.

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What's that smell?

I'm driving in the car with my boys.

Me: What's that smell? Oliver, did you step in dog poop?

Oliver: No, I don't think

quick check of their shoes (yes this is why my husband Peter wrote "focus" on my rear view mirror).

Me: No it's not you or Renny.

Oliver: Ohhh maybe it's cows... or your breath.

Tic tac please!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Take him back to the hospital

Me: So what do you think Oliver? Isn't he so cute?!

Oliver: I want you to take him back to the hospital.

Oh the dreaded reaction of an older brother coping with a new baby in the house. I worry a lot in general. I even take meds for it;-) This was something I spent a lot of time worrying over and hoping it didn't happen. I researched the internet and did everything "they" (whoever "they" are) said. I bought a gift for Oliver from his new brother Renny. I talked to him a lot about how much fun it will be having a brother. I took him to my ultrasound appointments and did anything I thought that would make the transition less stressful and more exciting. Well as it would play out, Oliver was not in the least bit excited. All of my thought out plans of introducing him to Renny and being the first to spend time with him and being the first to meet him went to crap.

Renny swallowed meconium and had to stay a week in the special care nursery because of his breathing and oxygen levels. Not only that he had three heart murmurs. As a result, he was not aloud to be in the room with me and Oliver could not hold him. All the bonding that I had invisioned for them in my head didn't happen.
To add to the complexity of it all, 2 weeks later he was diagnosed with GERD. He cried all the time for 3 long months. Talk about pain. My poor little guy had been through the ringer in his short 12 weeks of life. To watch your child in pain and be powerless to stop it is heart-wrenching. I knew God would get us through it though... and He did.
I couldn't blame Oliver for wishing he wasn't there. Why would he be excited about this new baby who stole his attention and did nothing but cry all the time? In his eyes he got a rotten deal. It didn't last forever though. Now Oliver can't imagine his life before his brother. They are best pals. It is so wonderful to see them playing together, hugging eachother and giving eachother kisses. Renny is just learning how to really talk and Oliver asks him to repeat random words all the time (today's favorite was gas station). It is so cute. Earlier today I sat on the deck listening to them on their swingset laughing hysterically together. It made my heart melt. I just stood there like the cheshire cat thinking how I wish these days would last forever.
Before I know it they will be grown and the house will be empty. I pray that I will slow my life down and take in all the moments I have with them. I pray I will be a good mother to them and they will look back and have loving memories of growing up in our home. Most importantly I pray I make our time together count.


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