Saturday, May 5, 2012


Where I'm from we have a meal that you can order at any ball game or cook at any house. It is called a "mexican". It is basically grounded hamburger with onions and ketchup on a bun.

I took Oliver to a doctors appointment and we were sitting together amongst other patients. Oliver brought his toy dirt bikes and four-wheelers to play with. We were pretending to go to his friend's house with them.

Me: Alright Oliver, where are we heading to?

Oliver: Let's head over to Daniel's house.

Me: Okay. What are we going to do there?

Oliver: Well it's lunch time and were gonna go and eat some mexicans!

I glanced up realizing how it sounded and noticed a few eyes making contact with mine.

I just kept looking down.


  1. Hahahhaha!
    The funniest thing that happened when we moved to Martinsburg is when I saw a sign for a fair that stated, "Mexicans will be served". I thought,"well, that's big of them..." It wasn't till a couple of months later that I learned Mexicans were really Sloppy Joes.
    Thanigs that make you go hummmmmmm...

  2. Oh that is too funny! Kids always find the best times to say things!

  3. That is hilarious. I love it when kids say funny things and they have no idea. Great story.